Embrace Transformation


Inshirah Al Nemer


Recently we have been forced to deal with constant, unprecedented change, taking our employees with us on a rollercoaster ride to the unknown.   Talent management, now more than ever, needs take on a much more “fluid” form, exhibiting a seamless flow of information, ahead of continuous evolution, adopting coaching practices, to maximize on people capacity and business agility.

Our extensive experience within the Talent Management and Coaching arenas is compiled of working with various organizations from different industries across the region. From over 30 years of intensely collaborating with a large variety of fields, personalities, and cultures, Coaching Eden has produced an array of specializations that are essential for the growth and success of any workplace. Our specializations rotate around our exceptional ability to listen deeply, define obstacles, and tailor viable solutions.

Our wealth of knowledge of talent management practices in the corporate world and genuine determination to help you realize your goals and ambitions are our constant platform on which we build relationships founded on trust and respect. Our methodology comprises of proven skill pools within people management and talent development, designing structures, processes and procedures and aligning organizational goals with individual objectives, for you to realize larger achievements and maximize profits.

Our coaching authenticity is reflected through our ability to bond and provide truthful insights that behave as a guide to your journey. Our approach involves our expert coaches asking powerful questions, stirring profound thoughts and promoting self-awareness, deriving inter-related matters, allowing conversation to flow, creating strong connections and helping individuals draw on scenarios of realizing their ambitions.